WS 2 - Workshop on Advances in Industrial Automation

Workshop Organized by

Thomas Nolte, Mälardalen University, Sweden and Alessandro V. Papadopoulos, Mälardalen University, Sweden

Aims and Objectives

This workshop aims at covering different aspects of the broad spectrum of automation, with focus programmable production systems, for both process industry and discrete manufacturing. Central topics will cover aspects of process automation, discrete automation, process control, production planning and optimization, digital twins and design automation, optimization, embedded system design, internet of things, application of cloud computing and big data analytics, artificial intelligence, safety, security, testing and verification. Such advances have had a significant impact in numerous application domains, ranging from energy systems, to the transport and the process industry, from automated construction to robotics and autonomous systems.
The workshop intends to collect direct industrial experiences from different areas where automation has played a major role in the innovation process. The workshop will be therefore an appealing forum where to discuss successful cases, open problems and challenges, and recent technical developments in the area. The objective of the workshop is to open the possibility of cross-fertilization among different research areas, and it promotes a better communication between academia and industry.

Topics under this workshop include (but not limited to)

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Industry 4.0
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Collaborative robotics
  • Intelligent systems design
  • Programming models for automation
  • Computing infrastructures for the automation industry
  • Emerging applications of automation
  • Safety and security in the automation industry
  • Embedded and Real-time systems for automation
  • Wireless communication for automation

Bio of the Presenters/Organizers

Contact for more details

If you would like to know more about the workshop, please contact, Thomas Nolte ( [email protected] ); Alessandro V. Papadopoulos ( [email protected] );