ETFA 2021 Keynote Speakers

We are proud to announce the following keynotes by esteemed researchers at the conference.

Dr. Georg Gaderer, Elektrobit, Austria

Dr. Georg Gaderer

Elektrobit, Austria
Susanne Timsjö, Marketing/Sales Manager, ABB Robotics, Sweden.

Susanne Timsjö

Marketing/Sales Manager, ABB Robotics, Sweden
To Be Announced.

Elena Fersman

Vice President and Head of Global AI Accelerator at Ericsson, Sweden

Keynote by Dr. Georg Gaderer

Next generation Automotive Ethernet status quo and outlook - Next generation Automotive Ethernet status quo and outlook.

[Summary will follow soon.]

About Dr. Georg Gaderer

Dr. Georg Gaderer studied Computer Sciences and Informatics Management at the Vienna University of Technology, graduating in 2002 and 2005, respectively. In 2002 he joined the Institute of Computer Technology at the Vienna University of Technology as a research assistant. From 2004-2012 Georg was with the Austrian Academy of Sciences as head of the clock synchronization and real-time sensor networks group. During these activities, he completed his PhD in 2008 in the field of fault-tolerant clock synchronization. After serving as deputy director of the institute at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, he moved to the Aerospace division of TTTech Computertechnik AG in 2012. As team leader and Senior Manager Georg was responsible for Product Management for all Time Triggered Protocol Products at TTTech. Georg further built up the Aerospace Systems team, being responsible for all safety and security topics on a system level. Since 2018 Georg has joined Elektrobit Austria as Technology Team Manager, leading software development of hardware-related communication modules and advanced engineering. As wholly owned subsidiary of Continental, Elektrobit is a global supplier of embedded and connected software products and services for the automotive industry.

Keynote by Susanne Timsjö

The future is here – the robots and the technology. What are we waiting for?

This will be an inspiring presentation about the most important challenges and considerations in the industry in Sweden from an automation and robot perspective. Trends, challenges, the latest news and what it takes to get to the next level in a world of robots. You will visit ABB Robotics Experience Center and see robot demonstrations, listen to some latest technology developments within robotics, experience a robot show and visit the production facility in Västerås where robots are making robots.

About Susanne Timsjö

Susanne Timsjö started working at ABB in 1999 as a software developer of process control system. Working with all parts of ABB’s control system 800xA. In 2007 started ABB Corporate Research with the vision of making ABB’s products and systems easier to use. At ABB Corporate Research building a field in User Experience. Left for Bombardier in 2010 responsible for Order and Bids, building and selling control systems on trains. 2012 back at ABB with a responsibility for ABB’s software research in Sweden. 2016 left for PiiA, national governmental initiative with finance for strategic projects with the goal of making Swedish process industry competitive also in the future, mainly focusing on Industry 4.0. Has over the years had many inspiration talks mainly linked to technology, digitalization most lately a lot within Gamification but in the current role mainly focusing on the future of robotics.

Keynote by Elena Fersman

AI for Telecom and Beyond

Industries such as automotive, transportation and manufacturing present typical examples of cyber-physical systems, where the physical world is linked with the virtual world aiming at creating a desired global behavior in a collaborative manner. Such systems are becoming increasingly connected, providing new cross-domain business opportunities. Ubiquitous connectivity and heterogeneity of systems pose new challenges on the underlying telecom network that needs to be capable of responding to a variety of requirements. This creates complexity that goes beyond the capabilities of human management, and hereby, a need for intelligent automation. In this talk we will discuss how the networks benefit from AI with respect to automation, and what new values can be created for the industries.

About Elena Fersman

Elena Fersman is a Vice President and Head of Global AI Accelerator at Ericsson. She is responsible for a distributed team based in USA, Sweden, India and Canada . Elena is a docent and an adjunct professor in Cyber-Physical Systems specialized in Automation at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. She holds a PhD in Computer Science from Uppsala University, an MBA from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and did a postdoc at the University Paris-Saclay. At Ericsson, she had various positions ranging from product management to research leadership. Elena is a member of the Board of Directors of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. Elena has co-authored over 50 patent families.