ETFA 2021 Program Overview

Day Time Room Title Authors
    2021-09-07 Tuesday
  Room 2 WS 1 - Towards the factory of the future: advancements in planning and control of industrial robots  
  Room 2 Chairs:Marco Faroni, Alessandro Umbrico, Manuel Beschi  
Tuesday 9:00-9:10 Room 2 Welcome and introduction to the workshop Marco Faroni, Alessandro Umbrico, Manuel Beschi
Tuesday 9:10-9:30 Room 2 Keynote speech Prof. Sotiris Makris
Tuesday 9:30-9:50 Room 2 Simplify the robot programming through an action-and-skill manipulation framework Enrico Villagrossi, Nicola Pedrocchi, Manuel Beschi
Tuesday 9:50-10:10 Room 2 Towards User-Awareness in Human-Robot Collaboration for Future Cyber-Physical Systems Alessandro Umbrico, Andrea Orlandini, Amedeo Cesta, Spyros Koukas, Andreas Zalonis, Nick Fourtakas, Dionisis Andronas, George Apostolopoulos, Sotiris Makris
Tuesday 10:10-10:30 Room 2 Model-Based Robot Control for Human-Robot Flexible Material Co-Manipulation Dionisis Andronas, Emmanouil Kampourakis, Katerina Bakopoulou, Christos Gkournelos, Panagiotis Angelakis, Sotiris Makris
Tuesday 10:30-11:00 Room 2 Break
Tuesday 11:00-11:20 Room 2 Deep Reinforcement Learning for Motion Planning in Human Robot cooperative Scenarios Giorgio Nicola, Stefano Ghidoni
Tuesday 11:20-11:40 Room 2 Fingertip 6-Axis Force/Torque Sensing for Texture Recognition in Robotic Manipulation Timo Markert, Sebastian Matich, Elias Hoerner, Andreas Theissler, Martin Atzmueller
Tuesday 11:40-12:00 Room 2 Round table All
  Room 3 WS 4 - Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Automation for Industrial Applications  
  Room 3 Chairs: Daswin De Silva  
Tuesday 9:00-9:05 Room 3 Welcome and introduction to the workshop Daswin De Silva
Tuesday 9:05-10:00 Room 3 Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Automation Donna Burnett, La Trobe University +Damien Trentesaux, INSA Hauts-de-France State Engineering School
Tuesday 10:00-11:00 Room 3 AI Ethics in Industrial Applications Presenter: Stamatis Karnouskos, SAP + Daswin de Silva, La Trobe University
  Room 4 WiE - Women in IES Workshop of ETFA 2021  
  Room 4 Chairs: Regina Roos, Jessica Bruch, Lucia Lo Bello  
Tuesday 13:30-13:40 Room 4 Welcome and Introduction to the Women in IES initiative Prof. Lucia Lo Bello, University of Catania, Italy, IES representative for Women in Engineering
Tuesday 13:40-14:00 Room 4 Invited Speech Title: “Power Conversion and Energy Systems – The Spicy Design is Done by Female” Professor Silvia Mastellone, University of Applied Science Northwestern Switzerland
Chair: Regina Roos
Tuesday 14:00-14:20 Room 4 Invited Speech Title: “How to Fit in as a Non-engineer Woman into Engineer Fields” Dr. Dr Debora Santo, Typhoon-HIL, Serbia
Chair: Regina Roos
Tuesday 14:20-14:40 Room 4 Invited Speech Title: “From Oilfield to IT – Life as a Woman in Engineering” Julia Moeller, SAP, Germany
Chair: Regina Roos
Tuesday 14:40-15:00 Room 4 Invited Speech Title: “Accelerating Sustainability Innovations Through Co-creation and Collaboration” Elin Svanström, Electrification Hub, Sweden
Chair: Jessica Bruch
Tuesday 15:00-15:15 Room 4 Break
Tuesday 15:15-15:35 Room 4 Invited Speech Title: “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast and Female Leadership is the Spice for Lunch” Dr. Regina Roos, Typhoon-HIL GmbH
Chair: Jessica Bruch
Tuesday 15:35-15:55 Room 4 Invited Speech Title: “Impact of Culture on Women’s Participation in Engineering” Dhanashree Ganeshpure, the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
Chair: Jessica Bruch
Tuesday 15:55-16:00 Room 4 Closing
  Room 1 WS 2 - Workshop on Advances in Industrial Automation  
  Room 1 chairs: Thomas Nolte, Alessandro V. Papadopoulos  
Tuesday 14:30-14:35 Room 1 Welcome Thomas Nolte, Alessandro V. Papadopoulos
Tuesday 14:35-15:00 Room 1 Keynote: Automation in the Construction Industry Presenter: Lars Pettersson, Skanska AB
Tuesday 15:10-15:22 Room 1 A multi-robot platform for the construction industry Presenter: Mahdi Momeni, MDH/Skanska AB
Tuesday 15:22-15:35 Room 1 Task planning of mobile industrial robots in uncertain environments Presenter: Anders Lager, ABB AB
Tuesday 15:35-15:47 Room 1 The implementation of Collaborative Robot applications in assembly operations Presenter: Staffan Andersson, MITC/MDH
Tuesday 15:47-16:00 Room 1 Robotic in-line quality inspection Presenter: Victor Azamfirei, MITC/MDH
Tuesday 16:10-16:22 Room 1 Redundancy and cloud technology in network-centric distributed control systems. Presenter: Bjarne Johansson, ABB AB
Tuesday 16:22-16:35 Room 1 New generation control systems: AI and IoT Presenter: Joakim Örneskans, First Control
Tuesday 16:35-16:47 Room 1 Access Control Models to secure Industry 4.0 Industrial Automation and Control Systems Presenter: Björn Leander, ABB AB
Tuesday 16:47-17:00 Room 1 Consolidating Industrial Batch Process data for Machine Learning Presenter: Simon Mählkvist, Kanthal AB
Tuesday 17:10-17:22 Room 1 Application of 5G technology in medical Internet of Things Presenter: Dino Mustefa, ALTEN
Tuesday 17:22-17:35 Room 1 Towards Augmented Exploratory Testing Presenter: Stefan L. Karlsson, ABB
Tuesday 17:35-17:47 Room 1 Towards efficient use cases in complex electro-mechanical product line Presenter: Henrik Gustavsson, Alstom
Tuesday 17:47-18:00 Room 1 Reuse Across Product Variants: Challenges, Opportunities and solutions Presenter: Muhammad Abbas, RISE SICS
  Room 2 WS 3 - DIVERSE — 3rd Workshop on Advanced Technologies in Industrial Vehicular Systems  
  Room 2 Chairs: Saad Mubeen, Mohammad Ashjaei  
Tuesday 13:30-13:40 Room 2 Welcome Saad Mubeen, Mohammad Ashjaei
Tuesday 13:40-14:00 Room 2 Automotive Software Architecture Patrizio Pelliccione, Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI) Italy and Chalmers | University of Gothenburg Sweden
Tuesday 14:00-14:20 Room 2 Autonomous vehicles and Smart Cities in the Motor Valley Roberto Cavicchioli, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
Tuesday 14:20-14:40 Room 2 AI and Automation in Construction Vehicles Industry Sara Afshar, Volvo Construction Equipment, Sweden
Tuesday 14:40-15:00 Room 2 Computing platforms versus computing models: holistic solutions for in-vehicle systems Paulo Garcia, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
Tuesday 15:00-15:30 Room 2 Break  
Tuesday 15:30-15:50 Room 2 TSN for Automotive In-Vehicle Ethernet Communications Marina Gutierrez Lopez, RealTime-at-Work (RTaW), Austria
Tuesday 15:50-16:10 Room 2 Adaptive Network Configuration for Connected Vehicles Adam Kostrzewa, Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany
Tuesday 16:10-16:30 Room 2 Timing Analysis of Heterogeneous Systems John Lundbäck, Arcticus System, Sweden
Tuesday 16:30-17:15 Room 2 Panel Discussion  
  Room 3 WS 5 - Hands-on Deep Learning for Industrial Applications  
  Room 3 Chairs:Daswin De Silva  
Tuesday 14:30-14:35 Room 3 Welcome Daswin De Silva
Tuesday 14:35-15:00 Room 3 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Presenter: Daswin De Silva, La Trobe University
Tuesday 15:00-15:30 Room 3 Hands-on Deep Learning Classification and Prediction using Notebooks Presenter: Prabod Rathnayaka, University of Moratuwa
Tuesday 15:30-16:00 Room 3 Break  
Tuesday 16:00-16:30 Room 3 Convolution Neural Networks for Image Processing Presenter: Prabod Rathnayaka, University of Moratuwa
Tuesday 16:30-17:00 Room 3 LSTM for Time Series and Sequential Data Presenter: Sachin Kahawala, Lulea University of Technology
Tuesday 17:00-17:30 Room 3 5G and Edge Networks Optimisation Presenter: Sachin Kahawala, Lulea University of Technology
    2021-09-08 Wednesday
Wednesday 9:00-9:50 Plenary Room Opening Session  
Wednesday 9:50-10:20 Poster & Networking Room Break  
  Room 1 TT5a: Advanced Control with applications  
  Room 1 Session chairs: Oscar Miguel-Escrig, Ivan Pisa  
Wednesday 10:20-10:40 Room 1 Adaptive Smith Predictor Control Scheme for a Nonlinear Hydraulic System Damian Krata, Marcin Ochman, Marcin Panek, Magda Skoczen, Krystian Spyra, Zbigniew Kulas, Dawid Sroczynski, Andrzej Pawlowski
Wednesday 10:40-11:00 Room 1 Transfer Learning Approach for the Design of Basic Control Loops in Wastewater Treatment Plants Ivan Pisa, Antoni Morell, Jose Lopez Vicario, Ramon Vilanova
Wednesday 11:00-11:20 Room 1 Adaptive Decoupling of Multivariable Systems Using Extremum-Seeking Approach Amirreza Zaman, Wolfgang Birk, Khalid Atta, Martin Mörtsell
Wednesday 11:20-11:40 Room 1 Implementation and experimental evaluation of SSOD sampling strategy for EBC Oscar Miguel-Escrig, Julio-Ariel Romero-Pérez
Wednesday 11:40-12:00 Room 1 Fractional Order Fast Terminal Sliding Mode Controller Design with Finite-Time Convergence: Application to Quadrotor UAV Hamed Farbakhsh, Mahsan Tavakoli-Kakhki, Hamid D. Taghirad, Roohallah Azarmi, Fabrizio Padula
  Room 2 TT9a: Complex Automation Systems and Systems Engineering  
  Room 2 Session chairs: Arndt Lueder, Giuseppe Franze  
Wednesday 10:20-10:40 Room 2 An optimization method based on simulated annealing to improve stock reduction in rework with known operator skills    Rainer Müller, Leenhard Hörauf, Attique Bashir
Wednesday 10:40-11:00 Room 2 Sensors Selection via a Distributed Reputation Mechanism: An Information Fusion Approach    Alessandro Casavola, Giuseppe Franze', Francesco Tedesco
Wednesday 11:00-11:20 Room 2 Design considerations introducing analytics as a “dual use” in complex industrial embedded systems    Daniel Hallmans, Kristian Sandström, Stig Larsson, Niclas Ericsson, Thomas Nolte
Wednesday 11:20-11:40 Room 2 Analysis of the reusability of modules in the final automotive assembly    Jan Herzog
Wednesday 11:40-12:00 Room 2 Co-simulation of Rigid Interactions using Differential Algebraic Equations    Ludvig Svedlund, Anton Albo, Bengt Lennartson
  Room 3 TT11: Vehicular Embedded Systems  
  Room 3 Session chairs: Saad Mubeen, Ramez Daoud  
Wednesday 10:20-10:40 Room 3 Towards a System-of-Systems Architecture Definition enabling Cross-Domain Embedded Vehicle Engineering Boris Brankovic, Christoph Binder, Dieter Draxler, Christian Neureiter
Wednesday 10:40-11:00 Room 3 Automatic Quality of Service control in multi-core systems using Cache Partitioning Jakob Danielsson, Tiberiu Seceleanu, Marcus Jägemar, Moris Behnam, Mikael Sjödin
Wednesday 11:00-11:20 Room 3 Offloading Accelerator-intensive Workloads in CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Processors Nandinbaatar Tsog, Saad Mubeen, Fredrik Bruhn, Moris Behnam, Mikael Sjödin
Wednesday 11:20-11:40 Room 3 Schedulability Analysis of Best-Effort Traffic in TSN Networks Bahar Houtan, Mohammad Ashjaei, Masoud Daneshtalab, Makael Sjödin, Sara Afshar, Saad Mubeen
Wednesday 11:40-12:00 Room 3 From Synchronous Data Flow Model of Computation to an Automotive Component Model Mehmet Onur Aybek, Rodolfo Jordao, John Lundbäck, Kurt-Lennart Lundbäck, Matthias Becker
  Room 4 SS6: Challenges of Machine Learning in Intelligent Technical Systems  
  Room 4 Session chairs: Anton Pfeifer, Christoph-Alexander Holst  
Wednesday 10:20-10:40 Room 4 Challenges of machine learning-based RUL prognosis: A review on NASA's C-MAPSS data set Simon Vollert, Andreas Theissler
Wednesday 10:40-11:00 Room 4 Classification of Faults in Cyber-Physical Systems with Complex-Valued Neural Networks Anton Pfeifer, Volker Lohweg
Wednesday 11:00-11:20 Room 4 Model-based approach for adaptive assembly assistance Philip Sehr, Natalia Moriz, Mario Heinz, Henning Trsek
Wednesday 11:20-11:40 Room 4 Interpretable Machine Learning: A brief survey from the predictive maintenance perspective Simon Vollert, Martin Atzmueller, Andreas Theissler
Wednesday 11:40-12:00 Room 4 Optimized Deep Learning Object Recognition for Drones using Embedded GPU Pedram Amini Rad, Danny Hofmann, Sergio Andres Pertuz Mendez, Diana Goehringer
  Room 5 SS7: AI and Machine Learning for Safety and Security in Society 5.0  
  Room 5 Session chairs: Muhammad Taimoor Khan, Dimitrios Serpanos  
Wednesday 10:20-10:40 Room 5 A Model Fusion Approach for Goods Information Inspection in Dual-Platform E-Commerce Systems Yang Liu, Zhuozhuo Zhao, Ting Jiang, Yu Wang, Shengnan Wu, Wenming Zhe
Wednesday 10:40-11:00 Room 5 Edge devices object detection by filter pruning Viviana Crescitelli
Wednesday 11:00-11:20 Room 5 Computer Vision Based Privacy Protected Fall Detection and Behavior Monitoring System for the Care of the Elderly Yugma Fernando, Kasun Gunasekara, Kumary Sirikumara, Upeksha Galappaththi, Thusithanjana Thilakarathna, Dharshana Kasthurirathna
Wednesday 11:20-11:40 Room 5 An Approach for Context-Sensitive Situational Risk Evaluation of Autonomous Systems Manuel Müller, Nasser Jazdi, Michael Weyrich
Wednesday 11:40-12:00 Room 5 Towards Scalable Security of Real-time Applications : A Formally Certified Approach Muhammad Taimoor Khan, Dimitrios Serpanos, Howard Shrobe
Wednesday 12:10-13:10 Poster & Networking Room Lunch  
Wednesday 13:10-14:10 Plenary Room Keynote 1: "The future is here – the robots and the technology. What are we waiting for?" Susanne Timsjö, ABB Robotics, Sweden
  Room 1 TT1a: Architectures and Digital Twins  
  Room 1 Session chairs: Alexander Fay, Sten Grüner  
Wednesday 14:10-14:30 Room 1 A Reference Architecture for Modular Industrial Automation Systems Sten Grüner, Michael Thies, Gerrit Fachinger, Nicolas Camargo Torres, Mario Hoernicke, Tobias Kleinert
Wednesday 14:30-14:50 Room 1 An Architecture and Information Meta-model for Interoperable Data Access via Digital Twins Somayeh Malakuti, Prerna Juhlin, Jens Doppelhamer, Johannes Schmitt, Thomas Goldschmidt, Aleksander Ciepal
Wednesday 14:50-15:10 Room 1 AML4DT: A Model-Driven Framework for Developing and Maintaining Digital Twins with AutomationML Daniel Lehner, Sabine Sint, Michael Vierhauser, Wolfgang Narzt, Manuel Wimmer
Wednesday 15:10-15:30 Room 1 Adopting Microservices for Industrial Control Systems: A Five Step Migration Path Georg Buchgeher, Rudolf Ramler, Heinz Stummer, Hannes Kaufmann
  Room 2 TT4a: Simulation & Machine Learning  
  Room 2 Session chairs: Robert Lehmann, Nada Sahlab  
Wednesday 14:10-14:30 Room 2 Embedding Reinforcement Learning in Simulation Ayman AboElHassan, Soumaya Yacout
Wednesday 14:30-14:50 Room 2 Towards Ontology-based Autonomous Intralogistics for Agile Remanufacturing Production Systems Jan-Felix Klein, Marco Wurster, Nicole Stricker, Gisela Lanza, Kai Furmans
Wednesday 14:50-15:10 Room 2 Process identification in practice: software-supported modeling for controller design Manfred Benesch, Alexander Dementyev, Hellmuth Kubin, Steffen Ihlenfeldt
Wednesday 15:10-1530 Room 2 Formal analysis of production line systems by probabilistic model checking tools Paolo Ballarini, Andras Horvath
  Room 3 TT9b: Challenges of engineering chains in complex automation system engineering  
  Room 3 Session chairs: Arndt Lueder, Kristof Meixner  
Wednesday 14:10-14:30 Room 3 A Domain-Specific Language for Product-Process-Resource Modeling    Kristof Meixner, Felix Rinker, Hannes Marcher, Jakob Decker, Stefan Biffl
Wednesday 14:30-14:50 Room 3 Big Data Challenges and Needs in Smart Manufacturing: Results of a Small-Scale Survey  Dietmar Winkler
Wednesday 14:50-15:10 Room 3 Enabling model-based requirements engineering in a complex industrial System of Systems environment    Christoph Binder, Katharina Polanec, Boris Brankovic, Christian Neureiter, Goran Lastro
Wednesday 15:10-15:30 Room 3 A Flexible CAEX Based Model for Standard Integration in Tunnelling    Galina Paskaleva, Alexandra Mazak-Huemer, Johannes Waldhart, Heinz Ehrbar
  Room 4 SS1: New technologies applied to industrial supervision systems and predictive maintenance  
  Room 4 Session chairs: Juan José Saucedo Dorantes, Miguel Delgado Prieto  
Wednesday 14:10-14:30 Room 4 Anomaly Detection and Diagnosis Using Pre-Processing and Time-Delay Autoencoder Bryan Liu, Jianlin Guo, Toshiaki Koike-Akino, Ye Wang, Kyeong Jin Kim, Kieran Parsons, Philip Orlik, Jinhong Yuan
Wednesday 14:30-14:50 Room 4 Failure Detection and Diagnosis of a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle using Amplitude of Peaks Alexandre Nunes, Jefferson Souza, David Silva, Jorge Gabriel Ramos, Abel Lima-Filho, Alisson Brito
Wednesday 14:50-15:10 Room 4 Object Tracking Algorithm of Fully-Convolutional Siamese Networks Using the Templates with Suppressed Background Information Hongyu Lu, Xiaodong Ren, Min Tong
Wednesday 15:10-15:30 Room 4 Anomaly Detection in Electromechanical Systems by means of Deep-Autoencoder Francisco Arellano-Espitia, Miguel Delgado-Prieto, Víctor Martínez-Viol, ÁNgel Fernández-Sobrino, Roque Alfredo Osornio-Rios
    Room 5 WiP6, 7 and 8: Computer Vision and Human-Machine Interaction in Industrial and Factory Automation & Intelligent Robots & Systems & Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks, and Information Processing
  Room 5 Session chairs: Tullio Facchinetti, Jan Rosell, Stefano Vitturi  
Wednesday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Towards Re-Identification for Warehousing Entities – A Work-in-Progress Study Jérôme Rutinowski, Christian Pionzewski, Tim Chilla, Christopher Reining, Michael ten Hompel
Wednesday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Leveraging pre-trained Segmentation Networks for Anomaly Segmentation Oliver Rippel, Dorit Merhof
Wednesday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Hybrid Manual and Gaze-Based Interaction With a Robotic Arm Matteo Di Maio, Piercarlo Dondi, Luca Lombardi, Marco Porta
Wednesday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 A Review and Implementation Framework of Industrial Augmented Reality Kevin Mühlan, Kazimierz Adam Przybysz, Fabian Lindner, Daniela Akrmanovà, Daniel Winkler, Sophia Keil
Wednesday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Automatic generation of behavioral trees for the execution of robotic manipulation tasks Parikshit Verma, Mohammed Diab, Jan Rosell
Wednesday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Evaluating the Advantages of Remote SLAM on an Edge Cloud Peter Sossalla, Justus Rischke, Johannes Hofer, Frank H. P. Fitzek
Wednesday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Optimal task allocation for distributed co-safe LTL specifications Ioana Hustiu, Cristian Mahulea, Marius Kloetzer
Wednesday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 A Dataset Generation Tool for Deep learning-based Motion Planning in Complex Environments Muhammad Usman Sarwar, Moman Sohail, Muhayy Ud Din, Jan Rosell, Wajahat M Qazi
Wednesday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Air-flow sensing for vehicle length estimation in autonomous driving applications Roman Matvejev, Yar Muhammad, Naveed Muhammad
Wednesday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 A Risk and Priority Model for Cost-Benefit Analysis and Work Scheduling within Predictive Maintenance Scenarios Raffaele Chianese, Luca Cicala, Cesario Vincenzo Angelino, Francesco Gargiulo, Davide Matarazzo
Wednesday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Energy Efficient-based Sensor Data Prediction using Deep Concatenate MLP Made Adi Paramartha Putra, Ade Pitra Hermawan, Dong-Seong Kim, Jae-Min Lee
Wednesday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Sound Analysis for Machine Operating State Classification in the Manufacturing Industry Dominik Mittel, Sebastian Proell, Thorsten Schoeler, Florian Kerber
Wednesday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Drone-mounted RFID-based rack localization for assets in warehouses using deep learning Jaron Fontaine, Timo De Waele, Adnan Shahid, Emmeric Tanghe, Pieter Suanet, Wout Joseph, Jeroen Hoebeke, Eli De Poorter
Wednesday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Distributed Symbolic Network Quality Assessment for Resource-constrained Devices Andrea Augello, Giuseppe Lo Re, Salvatore Gaglio, Daniele Peri
Wednesday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Embedded autoencoder-based condition monitoring of rotating machinery Tibor Kohlheb, Michael Sinapius, Christian Pommer, Alexander Boschmann
Wednesday 15:40-16:10 Poster & Networking Room Break  
  Room 1 TT1b: Application Modeling and Interaction Patterns  
  Room 1 Session chairs: Jörg Walter, Alois Zoitl  
Wednesday 16:10-16:30 Room 1 Enabling Component Reuse in Model-based System Engineering of Cyber-Physical Production Systems Stefano Spellini, Sebastiano Gaiardelli, Michele Lora, Franco Fummi
Wednesday 16:30-16:50 Room 1 Software Patterns for the Realization of Automation Service Choreographies Andreas Stutz, Alexander Fay, Mike Barth, Mathias Maurmaier
Wednesday 16:50-17:10 Room 1 Messaging Interaction Patterns for a Service Bus Concept of PLC-Software Virendra Ashiwal, Alois Zoitl
Wednesday 17:10-17:30 Room 1 IEC 61499 Distributed Design Patterns Lisa Sonnleithner, Bianca Wiesmayr, Virendra Ashiwal, Alois Zoitl
  Room 2 TT4b: Control  
  Room 2 Session chairs: Vicente Lucena, Tobias Kleinert  
Wednesday 16:10-16:30 Room 2 RCPetri: a Matlab app for the synthesis of Petri net regulation controllers for industrial automation Anibal Cid Gaona, José Manuel Chávez, Carlos Renato Vázquez
Wednesday 16:30-16:50 Room 2 Distributed Implementation of Hierarchical Grafcets through IEC 61499 Bianca Wiesmayr, Alois Zoitl, Oscar Miguel-Escrig, Julio-Ariel Romero-Pérez
Wednesday 16:50-17:10 Room 2 A Model-based Execution Framework for Interpreting Control Software Bianca Wiesmayr, Alois Zoitl, Antonio Garmendía, Manuel Wimmer
Wednesday 17:10-17:30 Room 2 Multi-agent based manufacturing: current trends and challenges Terrin Pulikottil, Luis Alberto Estrada-Jimenez, Hamood Ur Rehman, Jose Barata, Sanaz Nikghadam-Hojjati, Leszek Zarzycki
  Room 3 TT10a: Reinforcement Learning for Factory Automation  
  Room 3 Session chairs: Stamatis Karnouskos, Daswin De Silva  
Wednesday 16:10-16:30 Room 3 Demonstrating Reinforcement Learning for Maintenance Scheduling in a Production Environment Jakob Giner, Raphael Lamprecht, Viola Gallina, Catherine Laflamme, Lennard Sielaff, Wilfried Sihn
Wednesday 16:30-16:50 Room 3 Optimal control of building energy systems with multiple energy sources using predictive model based control and reinforcement learning Chenzi Huang, Xuehua Jia, Stephan Seidel, Fabian Paschke, Jan Bräunig
Wednesday 16:50-17:10 Room 3 Modular Production Control with Multi-Agent Deep Q-Learning Dennis Gankin, Sebastian Mayer, Jonas Zinn, Birgit Vogel-Heuser, Christian Endisch
Wednesday 17:10-17:30 Room 3 Genetic Programming for Fiber-Threading for Fiber-Reinforced Plastics Jonas Wilfert, Simon Stieber, Frederik Wilhelm, Wolfgang Reif
Room 4 SS2: Skill Based Systems Engineering  
  Room 4 Session chairs: Kathrin Gerber, Kristof Meixner  
Wednesday 16:10-16:30 Room 4 Generation of the Orchestrator Code for Skill-Based Automation Systems Kirill Dorofeev, Sebastian Bergemann, Tarik Terzimehic, Julian Grothoff, Michael Thies, Alois Zoitl
Wednesday 16:30-16:50 Room 4 ATLAS - A Generic Framework for Generation of Skill-Based Control Logic and Simulation Models for Intralogistics Applications Fabian Spitzer, Roman Froschauer, Thomas Schichl
Wednesday 16:50-17:10 Room 4 Concept for Modeling and Usage of Functionally Described Capabilities and Skills William Motsch, Kirill Dorofeev, Kathrin Gerber, Sönke Knoch, Alexander David, Martin Ruskowski
Wednesday 17:10-17:30 Room 4 A Concept for Selecting Suitable Resources in Automated Assembly Systems Patrick Zimmermann, Kathrin Gerber, Jan R. Seyler
Room 5 SS3: 5G as a part of Factories of the Future  
  Room 5 Session chairs:  
Wednesday 16:10-16:30 Room 5 Performance of a 5G NPN in industry: statistical analysis and application to black channel protocols Eike Lyczkowski, Konrad Junkes, Wolfgang Kiess, Hannes Frey
Wednesday 16:30-16:50 Room 5 Avoiding Keep-Alive Messages by exposing 5G Channel State Information to Applications Eike Lyczkowski, Christian Sauer, Malla Reddy Sama, Wolfgang Kiess
Wednesday 16:50-17:10 Room 5 Using Cellular Connectivity for On-the-move Cooperation of Stationary Manipulator and Mobile Platform Nima Enayati, Oscar Dario Ramos-Cantor, Thomas Neugebauer, Fan Dai, Thomas Hansen, Torsten Musiol, Monique Düngen, René Kirsten, Markus Aleksy
Wednesday 17:10-17:30 Room 5 Investigation in IoT and 5G architectures for deployment of Artificial Intelligence into urban mobility and production Tobias Ferfers, Arthur Müller, Sebastian Schriegel, Jürgen Jasperneite
    2021-09-09 Thursday
  Room 1 TT2a: TSN in Industrial Systems  
  Room 1 Session chairs: Mohammad Ashjaei, Luis Almeida  
Thursday 9:00-9:20 Room 1 RAP Extensions for the Hybrid Configuration Model Lukas Osswald, Steffen Lindner, Lukas Wüsteney, Michael Menth
Thursday 9:20-9:40 Room 1 Implementation Cost Comparison of TSN Traffic Control Mechanisms Aleksander Pruski, Mubarak Adetunji Ojewale, Voica Gavrilut, Patrick Meumeu Yomsi, Michael Stubert Berger, Luis Almeida
Thursday 9:40-10:00 Room 1 LETRA: Mapping Legacy Ethernet-Based Traffic into TSN Traffic Classes Daniel Bujosa, Mohammad Ashjaei, Alessandro Papadopoulos, Julian Proenza, Thomas Nolte
Thursday 10:00-10:20 Room 1 End System TSN Enablement Using OPC UA. Alexander Gogolev, Roland Braun
  Room 2 TT4c: Planning  
  Room 2 Session chairs: Nico Braunisch, Dominik Braun  
Thursday 9:00-9:20 Room 2 Online Energy-Optimal Timing of Stochastic Robot Stations Mattias Hovgard, Bengt Lennartson, Kristofer Bengtsson
Thursday 9:20-9:40 Room 2 Evaluation of high level methods for efficient planning as satisfiability Endre Erős, Martin Dahl, Petter Falkman, Kristofer Bengtsson
Thursday 9:40-10:00 Room 2 Optimized Path Planning by Adaptive RRT* Algorithm for Constrained Environments Considering Energy Sudha Ramasamy, Kristina Eriksson, Balasubramanian Perumal, Saptha Peralippatt, Fredrik Danielsson
Thursday 10:00-10:20 Room 2 Optimized Online Path Planning Algorithms Considering Energy Sudha Ramasamy, Kristina Eriksson, Saptha Peralippatt, Balasubramanian Perumal, Fredrik Danielsson
  Room 3 TT6a: Autonomous Robots, Vehicles and Drones  
  Room 3 Session chairs: Oliver Rippel, Tadele Belay Tuli  
Thursday 9:00-9:20 Room 3 Adaptive warning fields for warehouse AGVs Naveed Muhammad, Klas Hedenberg, Björn ÅStrand
Thursday 9:20-9:40 Room 3 Generative adversarial networks for spot weld design Tobias Gerlach, Derk Eggink
Thursday 9:40-10:00 Room 3 An Autonomous Drone System for Scanning an Electric Field Using Visual Feedback Artur Zawadzki, Marcin Firla, Piotr Ryba
Thursday 10:00-10:20 Room 3 DeepScanner: Industrial robot aided automatic robust dataset labeling of 2D tags Valery Ilin, Ivan Kalinov, Pavel Karpyshev, Dzmitry Tsetserukou
  Room 4 SS5a: Fog Computing and IoT I  
  Room 4 Session chairs: Alessandro Papadopoulos, Silviu Craciunas  
Thursday 9:00-9:20 Room 4 Knowledge-Based Software Management for the Large Scale Rollout of IIoT Applications Florian Kintzler, Stephan Cejka
Thursday 9:20-9:40 Room 4 Self-adapting Industrial Augmented Reality applications with proactive Dynamic Software Product Lines Inmaculada Ayala, Alessandro V. Papadopoulos, Mercedes Amor, Lidia Fuentes
Thursday 9:40-10:00 Room 4 Using UPPAAL to Verify Recovery in a Fault-tolerant Mechanism Providing Persistent State at the Edge Zeinab Bakhshivalojerdi, Guillermo Rodriguez-navas, Hans Hansson
Thursday 10:00-10:20 Room 4 Computation Offloading at Field Level: Motivation and Break-Even Point Calculation Michael Gundall, Christopher Huber, Hans Dieter Schotten
    Room 5 WiP1a: Information Technology in Automation  
  Room 5 Session chairs: Alois Zoitl, Wolfgang Kastner  
Thursday 9:00-10:10 Room 5 Architecture of a Model in the Middle approach for virtual commissioning and integration of production entities Ralph Klaus Müller, Daniel Großmann, Sebastian Schmied, Selvine George Mathias
Thursday 9:00-10:10 Room 5 Hybrid Digital Twin for process industry using Apros simulation environment Mohammad Azangoo, Joonas Salmi, Iivo Yrjölä, Jonathan Bensky, Gerardo Santillan, Nikolaos Papakonstantinou, Seppo Sierla, Valeriy Vyatkin
Thursday 9:00-10:10 Room 5 Towards an Autonomous Application of Smart Services in Industry 4 Magnus Redeker, Christian Klarhorst, Denis Göllner, Dennis Quirin, Peter Wißbrock, Simon Althoff, Marc Hesse
Thursday 9:00-10:10 Room 5 Changing a running system: A guideline for retrofitting brownfield manufacturing systems Natalie Nowacki, Arndt Lueder, Klaus-Christoph Ritter, Anna-Kristin Behnert
Thursday 9:00-10:10 Room 5 Emerging Technical Debt in Digital Twin Systems Somayeh Malakuti
Thursday 9:00-10:10 Room 5 Automatic Control Code Generation from SAMA Specification Santonu Sarkar, Chandrika K R
Thursday 9:00-10:10 Room 5 A Centralised or Distributed Risk Assessment using Asset Administration Shell Pushparaj Bhosale, Wolfgang Kastner, Thilo Sauter
Thursday 9:00-10:10 Room 5 Representing Causal Structures in HAZOP Studies Anselm Klose, Franziska Kessler, Florian Pelzer, Vincenz Forkel, Marcus Rothhaupt, Dmytro Kostiuk, Artan Kabashi, Leon Urbas
Thursday 9:00-10:10 Room 5 Towards Flexible Evolution of Digital Twins with Fluent APIs Daniel Lehner, Antonio Garmendia, Manuel Wimmer
Thursday 9:00-10:10 Room 5 Energy management in modular production Leif-Thore Reiche, Artan Markaj, Alexander Fay
Thursday 9:00-10:10 Room 5 Requirements for an energy data information model for a communication-independent device description Maxim Runge, Leif-Thore Reiche, Karl-Heinz Niemann, Alexander Fay, Andreas Würger
Thursday 10:30-11:00 Poster & Networking Room Break  
  Room 1 TT1c: Automation and Data  
  Room 1 Session chairs: Kirill Dorofeev, Michael Mayrhofer  
Thursday 11:00-11:20 Room 1 Link Prediction with Supervised Learning on an Industry 4.0 related Knowledge Graph Irlan Grangel-Gonzalez, Fasal Shah
Thursday 11:20-11:40 Room 1 Advanced Data Analytics Platform for Manufacturing Companies Tim Voigt, Nico Migenda, Marvin Schöne, David Pelkmann, Matthias Fricke, Wolfram Schenck, Martin Kohlhase
Thursday 11:40-12:00 Room 1 Recommending Assembly Work to Station Assignment Based on Historical Data Ouijdane Guiza, Christoph Mayr-Dorn, Michael Mayrhofer, Alexander Egyed, Heinz Rieger, Frank Brandt
  Room 2 TT2c: Safe and secure field level communication  
  Room 2 Session chairs: Hans-Peter Bernhard, Federico Tramarin
Thursday 11:00-11:20 Room 2 Wi-Fi based Functional Safety: an Assessment of the Fail Safe over EtherCAT (FSoE) protocol Giovanni Peserico, Tommaso Fedullo, Alberto Morato, Federico Tramarin, Stefano Vitturi
Thursday 11:20-11:40 Room 2 The performance of openSAFETY protocol via IEEE 802.11 wireless communication Armin Hadžiaganović, Mahin K. Atiq, Thomas Blazek, Hans-Peter Bernhard, Andreas Springer
Thursday 11:40-12:00 Room 2 Standalone low-cost versatile FPGA-based fault generator for PROFIBUS DP Jean-Marc Capron, Mathieu Troch, Dimitri De Schuyter, Arne Verhoeven, Jos Knockaert, Philippe Saey
  Room 3 TT6b: Visual Inspection  
  Room 3 Session chairs: Naveed Muhammad, Artur Zawadzki  
Thursday 11:00-11:20 Room 3 6D Pose Estimation for Bin-Picking based on Improved Mask R-CNN and DenseFusion Hesheng Wang, Huajie Situ, Chungang Zhuang
Thursday 11:20-11:40 Room 3 Anomaly Detection for the Automated Visual Inspection of PET Preform Closures Oliver Rippel, Peter Haumering, Johannes Brauers, Dorit Merhof
Thursday 11:40-12:00 Room 3 Computer Vision Based Conveyor Belt Congestion Recognition in Logistics Industrial Parks Yifan Li, Yingchun Niu, Yang Liu, Li Zheng, Zichen Wang, Wenming Zhe
  Room 4 TT7a: Human Robot Interaction and programming  
  Room 4 Session chairs: Andrea Bonci, Fiorella Sibona  
Thursday 11:00-11:20 Room 4 PoinTap system: a human-robot interface to enable remotely controlled tasks Fiorella Sibona, Pangcheng David Cen Cheng, Marina Indri, Danilo Di Prima
Thursday 11:20-11:40 Room 4 SQGS: Sensing-based Quality-aware Robot Programming Guidance System for Non-experts Yi-Hsuan Hsieh, Aloysius Mok
Thursday 11:40-12:00 Room 4 PredNet: a simple Human Motion Prediction Network for Human-Robot Interaction Anish Pratheepkumar, Mohamed El-Shamouty
  Room 5 SS4: Industrial Cybersecurity Methods and Technologies  
  Room 5 Session chairs: Paulo C. Bartolomeu, Ricardo J. Rodríguez, Stefano Marrone  
Thursday 11:00-11:20 Room 5 A Questionnaire Study on the Use of Access Control in Industrial Systems Bjorn Leander, Aida Causevic, Tomas Lindstrom, Hans Hansson
Thursday 11:20-11:40 Room 5 A Security Framework in Digital Twins for Cloud-based Industrial Control Systems: Intrusion Detection and Mitigation Fatemeh Akbarian, William Tärneberg, Emma Fitzgerald, Maria Kihl
Thursday 11:40-12:00 Room 5 IT Security for Collaborative Machines and Human-Machine Interaction Tianzhe Yu, Giuliano Persico, Metin Tekkalmaz, Karsten Meisberger, Hannes Raddatz, Matthias Riedl
Thursday 12:10-13:10 Poster & Networking Room Lunch  
Thursday 13:10-14:10 Plenary Room Keynote 2: "Next generation Automotive Ethernet status quo and outlook" Georg Gaderer, Elektrobit, Austria
  Room 1 TT8a: Sensors and Sensor Networks  
  Room 1 Session chairs: Stefano Vitturi, Frank Golatowski  
Thursday 14:10:-14:30 Room 1 3D Scanning System Based on 1D Distance Sensor João Braun, José Lima, Ana Pereira, Cláudia Rocha, Paulo Costa
Thursday 14:30-14:50 Room 1 Watermarking based sensor attack detection in home automation systems Henri Ruotsalainen, Albert Treytl, Thilo Sauter
Thursday 14:50-15:10 Room 1 Low-cost PM Sensor Behaviour Based on Duty-Cycle Analysis Gustavo Ramirez Espinosa, Bartolomeo Montrucchio, Edoardo Giusto, Maurizio Rebaudengo
Thursday 15:10-15:30 Room 1 Slip and collision detection using tactile sensors for parallel grippers Reem Muhammed Al-Gaifi, Veit Müller, Norbert Elkmann
  Room 2 TT10b: Technical Advances in AI for Factory Automation  
  Room 2 Session chairs: Daswin De Silva, Stamatis Karnouskos  
Thursday 14:10:-14:30 Room 2 Towards Deep Industrial Transfer Learning for Anomaly Detection on Time Series Data Benjamin Maschler, Tim Knodel, Michael Weyrich
Thursday 14:30-14:50 Room 2 Hybrid Feature Selection for High-Dimensional Manufacturing Data Yajuan Sun, Jianlin Yu, Xiang Li, Ji Yan Wu, Wen Feng Lu
Thursday 14:50-15:10 Room 2 Robust Classification with Noisy Labels by Scaled Cross Entropy for Manufacturing Applications Shuo Zhao, Xin Li, Ying-Chi Chen
Thursday 15:10-15:30 Room 2 Operation-parallel adaptation of a co-simulation for discrete manufacturing plants Christian Härle, Mike Barth, Alexander Fay
  Room 3 SS9: Refurbishment and remanufacturing of machinery in CyberPhysical Production Systems  
  Room 3 Session chairs: Andrea Barni, Gil Gonçalves, João Reis  
Thursday 14:10:-14:30 Room 3 Circularity Protocols for Extending the Useful Lifetime of Obsolete Large Industrial Equipment and Assets. Edurne Suárez, Marko Franke, Quan Deng, Roi Méndez
Thursday 14:30-14:50 Room 3 Development of a Digital Thread Tool for Extending the Useful Life of Capital Items in Manufacturing Companies - an Example Applied for the Refurbishment Protocol Quan Deng, Marco Franke, Edurne Suárez Lejardi, Roi Mendez Rial, Klaus-Dieter Thoben
Thursday 14:50-15:10 Room 3 A systematic review on life extension strategies in industry: the case of remanufacturing and refurbishing Carlos Ferreira, Gil Gonçalves
Thursday 15:10-15:30 Room 3 AI environment for predictive maintenance in a manufacturing scenario Rosaria Rossini, Gianluca Prato, Davide Conzon, Claudio Pastrone, Eliseu Pereira, João Reis, Gil Gonçalves, David Henriques, Ana Rita Santiago, António Ferreira
    Room 4 WiP1b: Information Technology in Automation  
  Room 4 Session chairs: Wolfgang Kastner, Alois Zoitl  
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 4 Do you smell it too? Towards Bad Smells in IEC 61499 Applications Lisa Sonnleithner, Sándor Bácsi, Michael Oberlehner, Elene Kutsia, Alois Zoitl
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 4 Towards Delta-Oriented Variability Modeling for IEC 61499 Hafiyyan Sayyid Fadhlillah, Bianca Wiesmayr, Michael Oberlehner, Rick Rabiser, Alois Zoitl
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 4 A concept towards the evolution and versioning of aggregated information models Sebastian Schmied, Daniel Grossmann, Selvine G. Mathias, Ralph Klaus Mueller
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 4 Hierarchization and Integration of IEC 61131-3 and IEC 61499 for Enhanced Reusability Martin Melik Merkumians, Peter Gsellmann, Georg Schitter
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 4 Generation of Inter-PLC Communication in Distributed Control Systems Using IEC 61499 David Sieffert, Kirill Dorofeev
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 4 Towards Efficient Generation of a Multi-Domain Engineering Graph with Common Concepts Felix Rinker, Kristof Meixner, Laura Waltersdorfer, Dietmar Winkler, Arndt Lüder, Stefan Biffl
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 4 On the Synthesis of Holonic Management Trees Massimiliano Pirani, Andrea Bonci, Alice Cervellieri, Sauro Longhi
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 4 A Hierarchical Domain-Specific Language for Cyber-physical Production Systems Integrating Asset Administration Shells Christoph Lehnert, Grischan Engel, Heinrich Steininger, Rainer Drath, Thomas Greiner
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 4 Modelling of Sensor Devices with AutomationML Markus Rentschler, Rainer Drath
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 4 An industrial feedback on the use of OPC UA for the vertical integration of semiconductor front-ends Fahad R. Golra, Marc Engel
    Room 5 WiP4 & WiP5: Automated Manufacturing Systems & Industrial Control  
  Room 5 Session chairs: Andrey Morozov, Marian Barbu,  Dunarea de Jos  
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Modelling of service dependencies in modular process plants for the analysis of orchestrations Henry Bloch, Alexander Fay
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Fleet learning of thermal error compensation in machine tools Fabian Stoop, Josef Mayr, Clemens Sulz, Friedrich Bleicher, Konrad Wegener
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 A sliding-window approach to analyze the accuracy of timed DESs Francesco Basile, Luigi Ferrara
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Generative and Model-driven SDK development for the Industrie 4.0 Digital Twin Nico Braunisch, Marko Ristin-Kaufmann, Robert Lehmann, Hans Wernher van de Venn
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Supporting Organizational Readiness when Implementing Robot in a Collaborative Environment Anders Eriksson, Anes Music, Mikael Hedelind, Staffan Andersson
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 A Tier-based Model for Realizing Context-Awareness of Digital Twins Nada Sahlab, Dominik Braun, Tobias Jung, Nasser Jazdi, Michael Weyrich
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Integrating uncertainty of available energy in manufacturing planning Aleksey Bratukhin, Simon Howind, Alireza Estaji, Thilo Sauter, Albert Treytl
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Installation Order in Automatic Fabrication of Reinforcement Rebar Cages Johan Relefors, Mahdi Momeni Kelageri, Alessandro Papadopoulos2, Thomas Nolte, Lars Pettersson
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Plant Model Generator from Digital Twin for Purpose of Formal Verification Midhun Xavier, Johannes Håkansson, Sandeep Patil, Valeriy Vyatkin
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Model optimization for autotuners in industrial control systems Magnus Lundh, Alfred Theorin, Tore Hägglund, Jonas Hansson, Magnus Svensson, Karl-Johan ÅStröM, Kristian Soltesz
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Development of IoT technology using data-driven control Shinichi Imai
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 MicroFrontends as Opportunity for Process Orchestration Layer Architecture in Modular Process Plants Julius Lorenz, Candy Lohse, Leon Urbas
Thursday 14:10-15:40 Room 5 Testing Platform for Real-Time Controllers Based on Hardware In the Loop Simulation Irina Luca, Larisa Condrachi, Laurentiu Luca, Ramon Vilanova, Marian Barbu
Thursday 15:40-16:10 Poster & Networking Room Break  
  Room 1 TT1d: Deployment and Integration  
  Room 1 Session chairs: Virendra Ashiwal, Patrick Denzler  
Thursday 16:10-16:30 Room 1 Towards Service Deployment and Composition in Industry 4.0 Tarik Terzimehic, Kirill Dorofeev, Sebastian Bergemann, Alois Zoitl, Sebastian Voss
Thursday 16:30-16:50 Room 1 Automated Dependency Resolution in Dynamic Reconfiguration for IEC 61499 Laurin Prenzel, Sebastian Steinhorst
Thursday 16:50-17:10 Room 1 PLC Integration into Industry 4.0 Middleware: Function Block Library for the Interaction with REST and OPC UA Asset Administration Shells Jonas Gampig, Tarik Terzimehic, Kirill Dorofeev
Thursday 17:10-17:30 Room 1 Design of a semantic information model for automated tape placement systems using OPC-UA Alexander Peitz, Philipp Striet, Michael Emonts, Kai Fischer, Christian Brecher
  Room 2 TT4d: OPC UA and Integration  
  Room 2 Session chairs: Soumaya Yacout, Carlos Renato Vazquez  
Thursday 16:10-16:30 Room 2 An Industrie 4.0 compliant and self-managing OPC UA Aggregation Server Jan Nicolas Weskamp, Juilee Tikekar
Thursday 16:30-16:50 Room 2 Quarry: An open source tool for OPC UA SPARQL queries over hybrid architectures using query rewriting Magnus Bakken
Thursday 16:50-17:10 Room 2 Improving interoperability of Virtual Commissioning toolchains by using OPC-UA-based technologies Rafael Balderas Hill, Justine Delbos, Séléna Trebosc, Junior Tsague, Gregoire Feroldi, Jessy Martin, Tobiah Master, Nicolas Lassabe
Thursday 17:10-17:30 Room 2 On the Integration of a Collaborative Robot for Automatic Production of Industrial Nozzles David Arengas
  Room 3 TT5b: Analysis and design of advanced control systems  
  Room 3 Session chairs: Antonio Visioli, Ramon Vilanova  
Thursday 16:10-16:30 Room 3 Improving lambda tuning of PI controllers for load disturbance rejection Massimiliano Veronesi, Antonio Visioli
Thursday 16:30-16:50 Room 3 Optimization of an Initial Database using Nelder-Mead Method in designing Database-Driven PID Controller Zhe Guan, Kei Hiraoka, Toru Yamamoto
Thursday 16:50-17:10 Room 3 Realization of a Database-Driven Control System Using a CMAC Zhifeng Li, Zhe Guan, Toru Yamamoto, Shigeru Omatsu
Thursday 17:10-17:30 Room 3 Quantitative Analysis for the Performance Improvement in PID Control Systems with Cascade Control Structures Erick Cortés-Gutiérrez, Orlando Arrieta, Ramon Vilanova, Takao Sato, José David Rojas
  Room 4 TT7b: Autonomous mobile robots  
  Room 4 Session chairs: Marina Indri, Matthias Stueben  
Thursday 16:10-16:30 Room 4 A fast constructive path-planning algorithm for mobile robot navigation Abderraouf Maoudj, Abdelfetah Hentout, Anders Lyhne Christensen, Ahmed Kouider
Thursday 16:30-16:50 Room 4 Constraint-based Whole-Body-Control of Mobile Manipulators in Human-Centered Environments Matthias Stueben, Alwin Hoffmann, Wolfgang Reif
Thursday 16:50-17:10 Room 4 MobileCharger: an Autonomus Mobile Robot with Inverted Delta Actuator for Robust and Safe Robot Charging Iaroslav Okunevich, Daria Trinitatova, Pavel Kopanev, Dzmitry Tsetserukou
Thursday 17:10-17:30 Room 4 UltraBot: Autonomous mobile robot for indoor UV-C disinfection with non-trivial shape of disinfection zone Nikita Mikhailovskiy, Alexander Sedunin, Stepan Perminov, Ivan Kalinov, Dzmitry Tsetserukou
  Room 5 TT9c: Exploiting digital twin in complex automation system engineering  
  Room 5 Session chairs: Luca Ferrarini, Christoph Binder  
Thursday 16:10-16:30 Room 5 The Digital Twin of a System: A Structure for Networks of Digital Twins    Leif-Thore Reiche, Claas Steffen Gundlach, Gian Frederik Mewes, Alexander Fay
Thursday 16:30-16:50 Room 5 Modular Virtual Preparation method of production systems using a Digital Twin architecture     Anton Albo, Ludvig Svedlund, Petter Falkman
Thursday 16:50-17:10 Room 5 Building Discrete-Event Simulation for Digital Twin Applications     Ahmed H. Sakr, Ayman Aboelhassan, Soumaya Yacout, Samuel Bassetto
Thursday 17:10-17:30 Room 5 PyAML: Enhancing AutomationML for Advanced Virtualization of Industry 4.0 Cyber-Physical Production Systems with Python Code Injections   Petr Novak, Petr Douda, Jiri Vyskocil,   Bernhard Wally
Thursday 17:40-18:10 Plenary Room Awards and presentation of ETFA 2022  
    2021-09-10 Friday
  Room 1 TT1e: Models  
  Room 1 Session chairs: Tarik Terzimehic, Wolfgang Kastner  
Friday 9:00-9:20 Room 1 Model Assisted Distributed Root Cause Analysis Michael Mayrhofer, Christoph Mayr-Dorn, Ouijdane Guiza, Alexander Egyed
Friday 9:20-9:40 Room 1 TOPNAV: Efficiently Navigating through Industrial Process Plant Topologies Andreas Berlet, Julius Rückert, Heiko Koziolek, Rainer Drath, Mike Barth
Friday 9:40-10:00 Room 1 Layout planning in assembly line kitting - a constraint programming approach Christoffer Fink, Wilma Krutrök, Olov Schelén, Ulf Bodin
Friday 10:00-10:20 Room 1 Synchronization network of data models in the process industry Julian Rahm, Daniel Henselmann, Leon Urbas
  Room 2 TT2c: OPC UA and data models  
  Room 2 Session chairs: Luis Lino Ferreira, Stefano Scanzio  
Friday 9:00-9:20 Room 2 Organising a Semi-Autonomous Robot Collective: A Hybrid Approach Candy Lohse, Leon Urbas
Friday 9:20-9:40 Room 2 Evaluation of Networking Options for Containerized Deployment of Real-Time Applications Giuliano Albanese, Robert Birke, Georgia Giannopoulou, Sandro Schönborn, Thanikesavan Sivanthi
Friday 9:40-10:00 Room 2 Experimental Characterization of Asynchronous Notification Latency for Subscriptions in OPC UA Claudio Zunino, Gianluca Cena, Stefano Scanzio, Adriano Valenzano
Friday 10:00-10:20 Room 2 Data Integration Models for Heterogeneous Industrial Systems: A Conceptual Analysis Abdullah Aziz, Olov Schelén, Ulf Bodin
  Room 3 TT3a: Scheduling and analysis of real-time systems  
  Room 3 Session chairs: Arne Hamann, Ahlem Mifdaoui  
Friday 9:00-9:20 Room 3 Exact analysis for basic single-rate cyclic executives Reinder J. Bril
Friday 9:20-9:40 Room 3 Scheduling Elastic Applications in Compositional Real-Time Systems, Mohammed Salman Shaik, Alessandro Papadopoulos, Filip Markovic, Saad Mubeen, Thomas Nolte
Friday 9:40-10:00 Room 3 Overhead-Aware Study of Hierarchical Fixed Priority Preemptive Systems, Jorge Luis Martinez Garcia, Ignacio Sañudo, Dakshina Dasari, Arne Hamann
Friday 10:00-10:20 Room 3 Automatic Platform Independent Monitoring and Ranking of Hardware Resource Utilization Using Performance Monitoring Counters, Shamoona Imtiaz, Jakob Danielsson, Moris Behnam, Gabriele Capannini, Jan Carlson, Marcus Jägemar
  Room 4 TT4e: Applications  
  Room 4 Session chairs: Dominik Braun, Robert Lehmann  
Friday 9:00-9:20 Room 4 Harmonising design and manufacturing: a quality inspection perspective Victor Azamfirei, Yvonne Lagrosen, Anna Granlund
Friday 9:20-9:40 Room 4 Anomaly Detection for Hydraulic Systems under Test Deniz Neufeld, Ute Schmid
Friday 9:40-10:00 Room 4 Critical Factors Supporting the Implementation of Collaborative Robot Applications Staffan Andersson, Jessica Bruch, Mikael Hedelind, Anna Granlund
Friday 10:00-10:20 Room 4 Anomaly detection in hot forming processes using hybrid modeling Cederic Lenz, Christian Henke, Ansgar Trächtler
    Room 5 WiP9: Complex Automation Systems and Systems Engineering  
  Room 5 Session chairs: Arndt Lueder  
Friday 9:00-10:30 Room 5 Explicit representation of operator control-actions in Multilevel Flow Modeling Christopher Reinartz, Denis Kirchhubel, Xinxin Zhang
Friday 9:00-10:30 Room 5 Virtual-In-The-Loop-Engineering: A categorisation and terminology for modular plants and interfaces Gary Hildebrandt, Pascal Habiger, Rainer Drath
Friday 9:00-10:30 Room 5 Requirements and conceptual design for hybrid process plants Artan Markaj, Mario Hoernicke, Nicolai Schoch, Katharina Stark, Alexander Fay
Friday 9:00-10:30 Room 5 AAS Capability-Based Operation and Engineering of Flexible Production Lines Yining Huang, Saadia Dhouib, Jacques Malenfant
Friday 9:00-10:30 Room 5 Reverse engineering in process automation Alexander Ressel, Ronald Schmidt-Vollus
Friday 9:00-10:30 Room 5 Towards Efficient Asset-Based Configuration Management with a PPR Asset Directory Stefan Biffl, Kristof Meixner, Arndt Lüder
Friday 9:00-10:30 Room 5 Reducing Risk in Industrial Bin Picking With PPRS Configuration and Dependency Management Matthias Sarna, Kristof Meixner, Stefan Biffl, Arndt Lüder
Friday 9:00-10:30 Room 5 Towards Distributed Trajectory Interpolation and Motion Control: Prototyping with ROS Andrew Lashchev, Gennady Veselov, Valeriy Vyatkin
Friday 9:00-10:30 Room 5 Metamodeling of Cyber-Physical Production Systems using AutomationML for Collaborative Innovation Prerna Juhlin, Jan-Christoph Schlake, Dennis Janka, Adrian Hawlitschek
Friday 9:00-10:30 Room 5 Towards user-friendly model checking of IEC 61499 systems Polina Ovsiannikova, Valeriy Vyatkin
Friday 9:00-10:30 Room 5 Knowledge-based optimization of cold spray for aircraft component repair Marcel Lewke, Soeren Nielsen, Alexander List, Frank Gaertner, Thomas Klassen, Alexander Fay
Friday 9:00-10:30 Room 5 Catalog of Refactoring Operations for IEC~61499 Michael Oberlehner, Lisa Sonnleithner, Bianca Wiesmayr, Alois Zoitl
Friday 9:00-10:30 Room 5 Flexibility Offering and Rating for Multi-objective Energy Balancing Gerald Franzl, Thomas Leopold, Stefan Wilker, Thilo Sauter
Friday 9:00-10:30 Room 5 Towards the Representation of Cross-Domain Quality Knowledge for Efficient Data Analytics Sebastian Kropatschek, Thorsten Steuer, Elmar Kiesling, Kiesling Meixner, Thomas Frühwirth, Patrik Sommer, Daniel Schachinger, Stefan Biffl
Friday 9:00-10:30 Room 5 Modelling Engineered Object Dependencies in an AutomationML-based Tool Chain Arndt Lüder, Kristof Meixner, Anna-Kristin Behnert, Stefan Biffl
Friday 9:00-10:30 Room 5 Product-Process-Resource Asset Networks as Foundation for Improving CPPS Engineering Dietmar Winkler, Petr Novak, Kristof Meixner, Jiri Vyskocil, Felix Rinker, Stefan Biffl
Friday 10:30-11:00 Poster & Networking Room Break  
  Room 1 TT2dn: Security in industrial communication systems  
  Room 1 Session chairs: Leon Urbas (tbc), Ulf Bodin (tbc)  
Friday 11:00-11:20 Room 1 Application-scoped Access Control for the Construction Industry Ulf Bodin, André Christoffersson, Alex Chiquito, Johan Rodahl, Kåre Synnes
Friday 11:20-11:40 Room 1 Cryptographic Protection of Cyclic Real-Time Communication in Ethernet-Based Fieldbuses: How Much Hardware is Required? Matthias Skuballa, Andreas Walz, Heiko Bühler, Axel Sikora
Friday 11:40-12:00 Room 1 Utilization of Homomorphic Cryptosystem for Information Exchange in Value Chains Zarina Chokparova, Leon Urbas
  Room 2 TT6c: Human-Robot Interaction  
  Room 2 Session chairs: Yifan Li, Joanna Olszewska  
Friday 11:00-11:20 Room 2 Keep Distance with a Smile - User Characteristics in Human-Robot Collaboration Jana Jost, Thomas Kirks, Stuart Chapman, Gerhard Rinkenauer
Friday 11:20-11:40 Room 2 Human Action Recognition as part of a Natural Machine Operation Framework Simone Bexten, Johann Schmidt, Christoph Walter, Norbert Elkmann
Friday 11:40-12:00 Room 2 Knowledge-Based Digital Twin for Predicting Interactions in Human-Robot Collaboration Tadele Belay Tuli, Linus Kohl, Sisay Adugna Chala, Martin Manns, Fazel Ansari
  Room 3 TT8b: Information Processing  
  Room 3 Session chairs: Frank Golatowski, Stefano Vitturi  
Friday 11:00-11:20 Room 3 Hyperspectral Image Analysis for Automatic Detection and Discrimination of Residual Manufacturing Contaminants Ava Vali, Philipp Krämer, Rainer Strzoda, Sara Comai, Alexander M. Gigler, Matteo Matteucci
Friday 11:20-11:40 Room 3 A Multi-objective Rotation Optimization Based on GA for Heterogeneous Strong Barrier Jing Ye, Yonghua Xiong, Haobin Dong
Friday 11:40-12:00 Room 3 Radar-Based Gesture Recognition System using Spiking Neural Network Muhammad Arsalan, Avik Santra, Mateusz Chmurski, Moamen El-Masry, Gianfranco Mauro, Vadim Issakov
  Room 4 SS5b: Fog Computing and IoT II  
  Room 4 Session chairs: Alessandro Papadopoulos, Xenofon Fafoutis  
Friday 11:00-11:20 Room 4 REACT: Enabling Real-Time Container Orchestration Václav Struhár, Silviu Craciunas, Mohammad Ashjaei, Moris Behnam, Alessandro Papadopoulos
Friday 11:20-11:40 Room 4 Communication and container reconfiguration for cyber-physical production systems Patrick Denzler, Daniel Ramsauer, Thomas Preindl, Wolfgang Kastner
Friday 11:40-12:00 Room 4 Towards a Robust MMIO-based Synchronized Clock for Virtualized Edge Computing Devices Jan Ruh
Friday 12:10-13:10 Poster & Networking Room Lunch  
Friday 13:10-14:10 Plenary Room Keynote 3: "AI for Telecom and Beyond" Elena Fersman, Global AI Accelerator, Ericsson, Sweden
  Room 1 TT4f: Digtial Twin  
  Room 1 Session chairs: Nada Sahlab, Andrey Morozov  
Friday 14:10:-14:30 Room 1 Automated Model Transformation in modeling Digital Twins of Industrial Internet-of-Things Applications utilizing AutomationML Christoph Binder, Ambra Calà, Jan Vollmar, Christian Neureiter, Arndt Lüder
Friday 14:30-14:50 Room 1 Function call gateway for operational aspects in Industrie 4.0 Nico Braunisch, Sven Schlesinger, Robert Lehmann
Friday 14:50-15:10 Room 1 Automated data-driven creation of the Digital Twin of a brownfield plant Dominik Braun, Wolfgang Schlögl, Michael Weyrich
Friday 15:10-15:30 Room 1 Building Blocks for Flexible Functional Safety in Discrete Manufacturing and Process Industries Anselm Klose, Florian Pelzer, Dieter Etz, Diana Strutzenberger, Thomas Frühwirth, Wolfgang Kastner, Leon Urbas
  Room 2 TT5c: Industrial Control Applications  
  Room 2 Session chairs: Axel Busboom,  Ramon Costa  
Friday 14:10:-14:30 Room 2 Flow controlling tuning for the voltage of a redoxflow battery considering the effect of overpotentials Alejandro Clemente, Ramon Costa-Castelló
Friday 14:30-14:50 Room 2 Combined heat and power using high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells for housing facilities Víctor Sanz i López, Guillermo López, Ramon Costa-Castelló, Carles Batlle
Friday 14:50-15:10 Room 2 Comparison of different event-based controltechniques in wastewater treatment plants Andrea Bortolotti, Manuel Beschi, Antonio Visioli, Ignacio Santin, Ramon Vilanova
Friday 15:10-15:30 Room 2 Temperature Control of a Process with Discharge Air Recirculation and Measurement Lag Axel Busboom
    Room 3 WIP TT2 & TT3: Industrial Communication Technologies and Systems & Real-Time (and Networked) Embedded Systems  
  Room 3 Session chairs: Gaetano Patti, Claudio Zunino  
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 3 Parallel Sequence Spread Spectrum based Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication for Factory Automation Karthik Krishnegowda, Elias L Peter, Matthias Scheide, Lara Wimmer, Rüdiger Kays, Eckhard Grass, Rolf Kraemer
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 3 Evaluation of improvements in BLE Mesh through CODED PHY Juan Carlos García Ortiz, Javier Silvestre-Blanes, Víctor Sempere-Payá, David Cuesta Frau
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 3 Study of a Safe and Secure Ecosystem based on IO-Link Wireless and a 5G Campus Network Thomas Doebbert, Christoph Cammin, Gerd Scholl, Bernd Kärcher
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 3 A Preliminary Prototype Based on Biological Mimicry for Hardware Data Acquisition Tao Zheng, Zuyao Meng, Qing Gu, Fei Huang, Mikael Gidlund
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 3 Towards a Real-Time Capable Plug & Produce Environment for Adaptable Factories Christian Eymüller, Julian Hanke, Alwin Hoffmann, Alexander Poeppel, Constantin Wanninger, Wolfgang Reif
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 3 Work-in-Progress: Radio map upscaling - adding antennas in an indoor localization scenario Roland Stenzl, Stefan Wilker, Anetta Nagy, Albert Treytl, Thomas Bigler, Thilo Sauter
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 3 Black-Box Analysis of the Publish-Subscribe Notification Latency in Real OPC UA Servers Claudio Zunino, Davide Malena, Gianluca Cena, Stefano Scanzio, Adriano Valenzano
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 3 Design of a framework for enabling TSN support in heterogeneous platforms with virtualization and preliminary experimental results Bartolomeo Caruso, Luca Leonardi, Lucia Lo Bello, Gaetano Patti
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 3 An Optimal Order Assignment Algorithm for Single-Rate Time-Driven AFAP Cyclic Executives Reinder J. Bril
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 3 Cloud Native Computing for Industry 4.0:Challenges and Opportunities Guilherme Gil, Daniel Corujo, Paulo Pedreiras
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 3 Exploring ways to improve reuse between Industrial Embedded Systems and Discrete Event Simulators Niclas Ericsson, Johan ÅKerberg, Mats Björkman, Tomas Lennvall, Stig Larsson, Hongyu Pei-Breivold
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 3 Dynamic Lockstep Processors for Applications with Functional Safety Relevance Hans Dermot Doran, Timo Lang
    Room 4 WiP10&WiP11: Artificial Intelligence for CyberPhysical Systems in Automation & Vehicular Embedded Systems  
  Room 4 Session chairs: Daswin De Silva, Ramez Daoud  
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 4 Enhancing Malicious Activity Classification of IoT Network Traffic Characteristics using Stacked Ensemble Learning Fabliha Bushra Islam, Cosmas Ifeanyi Nwakanma, Jae-Min Lee, Dong-Seong Kim
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 4 Towards reinforcement learning approach to energy-efficient control of server fans in data centres. Yulia Berezovskaya, Chen-Wei Yang, Valeriy Vyatkin
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 4 Towards enhanced live visualization based on communication delay prediction for remote AGV operation Ronal Bejarano, Udayanto Atmojo, Jan Blech, Valeriy Vyatkin
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 4 Towards a Simulation-based Conversational Assistant for the Operation and Engineering of Production Plants Franz Georg Listl, Jan Fischer, Michael Weyrich
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 4 Innovative approach in cyber physical system for smart building efficiency monitoring Andrea Bonci, Alice Cervellieri, Sauro Longhi, Massimiliano Pirani
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 4 Exploring the use of Deep Reinforcement Learning to allocate tasks in Critical Adaptive Distributed Embedded Systems Ramón Rotaeche, Alberto Ballesteros, Julián Proenza
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 4 MAAS: a Platform to Configure and Monitor Safety-Critical Applications for Automotive Central Computers Hadi Askaripoor, Morteza Hashemi Farzaneh, Alois Knoll
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 4 Real-Time Position Falsification Attack Detection System for Internet of Vehicles Goodness Oluchi Anyanwu, Cosmas Ifeanyi Nwakanma, Jae-Min Lee, Dong-Seong Kim
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 4 Failure Reasoning and Uncertainty Analysis for Wheel Motor Electric Bus Hussein A. Taha, Ahmed H. Sakr, Soumaya Yacout, Phenicia Serafin
Friday 14:10-15:40 Room 4 Sensor Fusion for Accurate Object Detection Underneath Stationary Vehicles Fady Abouelghit, Waleed Alarid, Mostafa Elmanfalouty, Hagar Elsakka, Ibrahim Elamry, Ramez Daoud, Hassanein Amer, Mustafa Arafa
Friday 15:40-16:10 Poster & Networking Room Break  
  Room 1 TT1f: Application Areas  
  Room 1 Session chairs: Kirill Dorofeev, Wolfgang Kastner  
Friday 16:10-16:30 Room 1 User-guided engineering of integrated energy management functions in automation systems Jan-Niklas Puls, Maxim Runge, Karl-Heinz Niemann, Christian Meyer
Friday 16:30-16:50 Room 1 Knowledge-based Services for Creating Functional Models of Building Automation Components Bastian Wollschlaeger, Klaus Kabitzsch
Friday 16:50-17:10 Room 1 Towards Adaptive Inspection for Fraud in I4.0 Supply Chains Thomas Welsh, Faeq Alrimawi, Ali Farahani, Diane Hassett, Andrea Zisman, Bashar Nuseibeh
  Room 2 TT2e: Wireless networks for industrial applications  
  Room 2 Session chairs: Luca Leonardi  
Friday 16:10-16:30 Room 2 Robustness and Optimization of PRIL Techniques for Energy Saving in TSCH Networks Stefano Scanzio, Gianluca Cena, Lucia Seno, Adriano Valenzano
Friday 16:30-16:50 Room 2 Infrastructure-less Wireless Connectivity for Mobile Robotic Systems in Logistics: Why Bluetooth Mesh Networking is Important? Adnan Aijaz
Friday 16:50-17:10 Room 2 Performance analysis of Bluetooth Low Energy in hybrid network with PROFINET Gustavo Cainelli, Lisa Underberg
  Room 3 TT3b: Real-time networks  
  Room 3 Session chairs: Reinder J. Bril, Mohammad Ashjaei  
Friday 16:10-16:30 Room 3 Evaluating a Time-Triggered Runtime System by Distributing a Flight Controller, l Eleftherios Kyriakakis, Jens Sparsø, Martin Schoeber
Friday 16:30-16:50 Room 3 FactoRing: Asynchronous TSN-compliant Network with low bounded Jitters for Industry 4.0, Ahlem Mifdaoui, Jérôme Lacan, Arnaud Dion, Fabrice Frances, Pierre Leroy
Friday 16:50-17:10 Room 3 Scheduling Rate-Constrained traffic in End Systems of Time-Aware Networks, Oana Hotescu, Anaïs Finzi
  Room 4 TT7c: Advanced robotic technologies and solutions  
  Room 4 Session chairs: Andrea Bonci, Marina Indri  
Friday 16:10-16:30 Room 4 Motor Torque Analysis for diagnosis in PMSMs under non-stationary conditions Andrea Bonci, Renat Kermenov, Sauro Longhi, Giacomo Nabissi
Friday 16:30-16:50 Room 4 Flexible creation of a 3D-Map in an unknown environment by a robot Philipp Blanke, Shubham Sharma, Simon Storms, Christian Brecher
Friday 16:50-17:10 Room 4 A Solution to the Generalized ROS Hardware IO Problem - A Generic Modbus/TCP Device Driver for PLCs, Sensors and Actuators Arne Wendt, Thorsten Schüppstuhl
  Room 5 SS10: People and processes in industrial automation  
  Room 5 Session chairs: Chris Ivory, Tomas Backström  
Friday 16:10-16:30 Room 5 Why does technology policy around Industry 4.0 continue to draw its logic from 1960s diffusion models? Chris Ivory, Lewis Walsh
Friday 16:30-16:50 Room 5 Hybrid Commissioning of Production Plants Shan Fur, Oliver Riedel, Alexander Verl
Friday 16:50-17:10 Room 5 Automation Technology Solution Providers’ Inter-organisational Collaboration for Production Innovation Hossein Rahnama, Kerstin Johansen, Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck
Friday 17:30-18:00 Plenary Room Closing Session