SS 10 - People and processes in industrial automation

Special Session Organized by

Tomas Backström, Mälardalen University, Sweden and Lucia Crevani, Mälardalen University, Sweden and Chris Ivory, Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom and Inti Lammi, Mälardalen University / Anglia Ruskin University, Sweden / United Kingdom

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The automation systems of industry 4.0 are both entwined with organizational design and work practices while also being dependent on them for their own efficiency. As Brynjolfsson and Mcafee (2016) note, every dollar spent on ICTs requires another 9 dollars be spent on organizational change. Implied in this transformation are newly emerging communities of practice, new job designs, new roles, demands for new skills (social as well as technical) along with changes in the distribution of autonomy and decision making. This special sesion will trace the drivers and directionality of these changes by focusing on the relationship between people and machines.

Topics under this session include (but not limited to)

  • The implementation processes of new digital solutions in industry.
  • Institutionalization of digital work.
  • Consequences of digitization of the production system: implications for the future of work.
  • Leadership in a digital production system.
  • The changing nature of work in an era of digital automation
  • Division of labour between humans and machines
  • Workers future competences in an automated factory
  • Automation as an organizational change process
  • Ethical aspects of automating
  • The material and social dimension of automation and the use of new technologies