SS 09 - Refurbishment and re-manufacturing of machinery in Cyber-Physical Production Systems

Special Session Organized by

Andrea Barni, SUPSI, and Gil Gonçalves, FEUP, and João Reis, FEUP,

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Competitive manufacturing companies continuously increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their production processes and equipment. Refurbishment and re-manufacturing are activities of the circular economy model with purpose to retain the value of products and materials, thus instrumental to extend the useful life of assets and reduce the wasteful use of resources. These two activities, along with health status monitoring, constitute key elements for the re-use and extension of the useful life of industrial equipment. The special session aims at discussing strategies to achieve this objective by focusing on the technological enablers supporting value retention throughout the industrial equipment lifecycle.

Topics under this session include (but not limited to)

  • Big data analytics, predictive analytics, and optimisation models using deep learning techniques, and digital twin models.
  • Models for informed decision about whether trefurbish, remanufacture, upgrade, or repair machinery that is towards its end-of-life.
  • Technologies and strategies tsupport a new paradigm for refurbishment and remanufacturing of industrial equipment in factories.
  • New concepts and strategies for repair and equipment upgrade and factory layouts’ redesign.
  • Optimal refurbishment and re-manufacturing of electromechanical machines and robotics systems.
  • IoT sensors, novel prediction, and process optimisation techniques toffer machine lifetime extension.
  • Innovative fog computing and augmented reality techniques combined with enhanced health monitoring and failure inspection and diagnosis.
  • Approaches for the servicing and upgrading of legacy equipment evaluation and demonstration of approaches in real industrial environments.